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Lasting Beauty through Ayurveda (Face care and hair care)

According to Ayurveda “one can get nourishment, pleasant mind, long life, clear thoughts, peace of mind and beauty by proper care of the skin, hair, nails etc:” Lasting beauty in Ayurveda is focussed on both the inner beauty skin health (gurutvak, sthiratvak, and upachitatvak). Ayurveda essentially advises a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle (swasthavritta, dinacharya, ritucharya) in order to maintain one’s beauty. One of the main causes of hair fall is Vata, which is a “drying energy” (for lack of better word).

Discover the ancient secrets of inner beauty through Ayurveda. Learn some simple beauty tips for your face and hair.

You will learn

  • Ayurveda principle for natural health and beauty
  • 3 ancient tips for keeping your skin healthy and glowing
  • Preventing acne and wrinkles the natural way
  • Ayurvedic beauty regime for skin care
  • Natural herbs for skin care

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