Ayurveda Association of Singapore (AAOS) was founded by a group of active and committed Ayurvedic physicians and enthusiasts in Singapore who are interested in popularising and regulating this oldest healing science. What was mooted as an idea finally came into being with the official formation of the AAOS registered under the Society's Act of Singapore (Registration No: T09SS0026F ).

The AAOS is a non-profit volunteer organisation and is a collective voice of Ayurveda and Traditional Indian Medicine (TIM) which includes Yoga, Unnani and Siddah medicine in Singapore.

The long term aim of AAOS is to eventually see the regulation and standardisation of Ayurveda practice in Singapore. However we do recognise that this will take time as Ayurveda is relatively new to Singapore.  Therefore our immediate aim is to educate the general public on Ayurveda and offer various Talks and Workshops to achieve this goal.

Through our regular seminars, workshops and public talks, the AAOS aims to promote the awareness of Ayurveda as an evidence-based science as well as to ensure that the authenticity of this knowledge is preserved in the pursuit of globalising this ancient healing system.


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